Travel: My Spanish adventure so far…

My First Video

I had a bit of free time on my hands so put together a few short clips. The editing isn’t the May-West, nor the sound, nor the picture. But I think it’s a good indication of where I am right now in my headspace – no idea what I’m at!! Have a look. Have a laugh. Thought it might be worth posting…

My life writing in Spain

I’ve been living in Velez-Malaga for about 3 weeks now. It’s great. It’s very quaint, very Spanish. In the mornings and early afternoon, I research and write for the new website that we’re hoping to launch in September/October – watch this space by the way!!

The typical Easter (Semana Santa) dress in Spain in statue, in front of the Church of San Juan de Bautista, Velez-Malaga, Spain

In the afternoon I might go to the gym or the beach or just have a wee stroll around the town. It’s like a type of static travelling I guess. I do feel like I’m finally working towards something productive again, which is great as I crave learning new things. It’s been too long!

I’m learning so much about content writing for online articles and effective ways to write travel/adventure blogs….I feel like I might have forgotten everything I’ve been told so far though so don’t take this entry as the the best example of my work!!

As I get new daily tips from my mentors, Pippa and Ben, I am also learning that I’ve a whole lot more to learn about being a successful travel writer!!! But everyday I’m gaining more insight and I guess getting that one step closer.

There is a small light on the horizon as I’ve already started to get paid for writing various travel articles, which is super exciting for me. The pay isn’t huge (yet! – think positive Anna) but the thrill of getting money to write, something that I particularly enjoy is giving me great satisfaction and optimism.

Velez-Malaga-Spain-Adventure-4Perhaps someday I’ll live in some beautiful, exotic location with mountains and sea, earning my living from travel blogging – that would be the ultimate dream…and perhaps on the side take people trekking up the mountains or SCUBA diving in the sea!!! (I’m a dreamer!)


Getting to live in Spain again (I’ve been back and fourth over the years) is such a nice treat. I love the culture and the food. Where I’m currently based, Velez-Malaga, is further from Malaga that I initially realised before coming and often feels a little isolating I must admit. There doesn’t seem to be many my age around.

One of the many historic churches in Velez-Malaga

Then again, most of the people my age are ‘settled’ and doing career jobs I suppose!! Ben and Pippa, my mentors and who I’m living with are great and lovely to have the chats with but sometimes I do miss my friends and feel a little bit lonely sometimes. Luckily, I also have a wonderful spanish water dog to keep me company when I’m feeling down.

La Noche de San Juan

Last Thursday saw La Noche de San Juan, a well known Spanish festival all to do with the summer solstice and one of my first ‘social’ nights out.

A modern twist on burning effigies at San Juan

The theme of this festival is changes – through fire and water. Fire purifies, whilst water cleanses and rejuvenates. There are beach bonfires with people burning effigies of things they want to get rid of in their lives.

I wrote something personal I want rid of and burnt it in a flame, as did the others we were with. At midnight, everyone must either wash their faces with water or jump into the sea for a full cleansing immersion and to wash away bad spirits.

At Torre del Mar Beach, midnight

I was at a San Juan festival near Marbella years and years ago. This year, in Torre del Mar, was definitely a lot more laid back.

A last minute trip to Estepona

After a major decision this weekend not to return on another adventure to Antarctica this upcoming season, I was feeling pretty low and particularly missing my buddies. But in her usual perfect timing, one of my oldest and bestest friends, Naoise (pronounced NEE-SHA) informed me she was coming from Madrid to Estepona this weekend.

Naoise and myself enjoying a drink in one of the chiringuitos

Her husband is from Estepona and had to come down for some reason or another so she told me to come and stay with them and his family. It was not what I expected at all!

It was so lovely. A very Andalucian Spanish experience. His whole family made me instantly feel like a part of the family. I actually think my Spanish has improved ten fold spending the weekend with them as none of them speak English.

As someone who was borderline vegetarian before coming to Spain, I haven’t eaten as much meat in one sitting as I did on Juan’s family farm in Estepona. There certainly doesn’t seem to be a large population of vegetarians here. Great barbecue though and certainly no complaints from this corner.

Juan, the bbq king of Estepona


Juan’s parents were so kind to me. They moved all the sitting room furniture around so that they could fit a whole single mattress and even a bed base for me. I did my best to insist I was used to sleeping on couches or floors and that it was so unnecessary, but my protests were futile to the hardcore Spanish hospitality I was being shown! It was a very comfy bed 🙂

My pretty swish bed for the night in Estepona!

Yesterday, I braved the Spanish public bus system home and endured over four hours of travel for what would take no more than two by car back to Velez-Malaga, stopping at each resort town along the coast. Totally worth it though to see my friend!!

Much to my delight, Naoise will be back next weekend so I may have another Estepona adventure weekend ahead of me yet! I also had to add the below photo – a very cute little bar/shop run by Irish owners called ‘Siopa’, which for those of you who don’t know, is Irish for ‘shop’. Next time I’ll try to get in and report back!


Anyone got any fun work for me??

It’s hard sometimes to remain positive but I am really trying. My next thing is trying to figure out what I will do for work over winter, now that I won’t be returning to Antarctica again. Anyone got any suggestions??







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  1. em409 says:

    Why did you decide not to go back South? Exciting times ahead though I’m sure! Let me know when you’re ready to tour-guide people around 😉


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