My New Writing Adventure in Spain

Door to my new home in Spain

For those that know me, I have been getting a lot of ‘so where are you now?’ questions. One minute I was due to move to Bristol, the next I had decided to spend the summer in Glencoe, Scotland. Well, the latest news is, in true Anna-fashion, I saw an opportunity online one afternoon in Scotland and just sort of went for it!

The article was posted by an old acquaintance that I met in Malaga over a decade ago after finishing my Irish Leaving Cert exams. Myself and my friend Naoise decided that a summer in Spain, learning Spanish (and learning how to live on nothing) and discovering the Spanish culture (we quickly established where we could get free shots for bringing hostel guests to certain bars) would be fun – turns out that it was!

The old town of Velez-Malaga. The rooftop of where I’m living is in there somewhere

We were very young then but had an amazing summer. During our time there, the managers of the hostel we were staying in really took us both in under their wings and showed us the best of what Malaga had to offer.

Fast forward to eleven years later…I see this post looking for someone who is a native English speaker, enjoys writing and would like to learn about digital marketing and how to effectively write online content.

If I were to do it I would get free accommodation in a STUNNING Andalusian home, with two wonderful and inspirational people, their charming young son and an adorable, food-stealing Spanish water dog. I would also receive a small allowance to cover my food bills.


At the time I had a nice job lined up and was due to start in ten day’s time as a commis chef at a busy establishment. The place seemed great. The staff were super laid back and most of them climbers and mountaineers, always up for adventure… exactly what I was after…spend the summer working towards my mountain leader award and de-stress by getting out on the rock for my days off.

I had a quick ponder and decided that I’d email about the position and see what might happen. Well, the rest is history really. Pippa (my now mentor) encouraged me to come over to them, that she would teach me about digital marketing until I was sick of it!

So I made my decision. I booked a last minute flight to Spain via Belfast instead of Dublin, as it was half the price and I could go with Aer Lingus. Though in the end, I went to the wrong airport and had to pay £33 for my mistake, so it worked out about the same price all in all.

Anyways, I arrived last wednesday to Velez-Malaga and have started to find my way around town. I know where the essentials are now…like beach, bus stop to the beach, bus stop back from the beach and a good coffee shop!


I was worried about giving up a secure, full time position in Scotland, with financial security, potential to save a lot and the lure of the  beautiful Scottish mountains around me. But each day I spend here, learning new things, being productive I err toward the feeling that I’ve made the right choice in coming here.

In only a week I have learnt SO much about travel writing and content writing in general. I feel like my Spanish has improved too. I’ve even started to get paid to write some online articles! It’s a great start and I really hope it continues this way.

I’m off to find climbing buddies tomorrow in El Chorro. I’ve no idea what it will be like, but I’ll make sure to post an update about my mini adventure! 🙂

A lonesome Spanish olive tree taken 5 minutes from my new home



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